Created by Irène Leroux in 1968, Eres is a French brand. She created the swimsuit that highlights the natural beauty of the body while being modern and sober. ERES knows how to stand out of the other brand.

This new Instagram visual campaign for the LES ESSENTIELS collection is build around the idea of you feel good, beautiful and confident. Each season they come back with sumptuous colors that are as unexpected. It uses her singularity and character; it offers models with an unmistakable look thanks to a completeness, creativity and a high quality movement.

ART DIRECTION : Minsk Studio
PHOTOGRAPHER : Arthur Delloye
STYLIST : June Nakamoto
MAKE UP/ HAIR : Jade Berrocal  – Anne-Esther Dina-Ebimbe
MODELS : Veronika Tonkha – 
Kathia Nseke – Eva Maltete – Maéva Prigent