In collaboration with the image strategist Laure Marian the studio designed a new graphic identity and a webdesign system that represented La Boite concept’s atmosphere and applied it to both print and digital collateral.

La Boite concept is a well-established French company in the field of High Definition acoustic loudspeakers. The products released by La Boite concept are produced by themselves thanks to their deep family experience (3 generation of the Cagniards family gathered up and previously owned SIARE ; the famous manufacturer of loudspeaker), non stop R&D and cutting-edge designs which are breaking all the previous codes. The conception and the manufacturing made in their laboratory situated in the heart of the Pays Basque allows them to mix traditional High Fidelity and cast in one piece loudspeakers dedicated to new technologies.


SIZE : 21 x 29.7 cm
COVER : soft