Roadie #07 - MINSK STUDIO
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Art direction, shooting and editing for Roadie Magazine.

Created by Laurent Sabatier, director of New Casino and David Bordes, Roadie is an avant-garde magazine for its editorial contents and delivery methods. It is a free quarterly that tracks the current touring artists and contains all the exclusive music news for the last six months. In a time of ultra information flow, Roadie Magazine proclaims its desire to be a collector’s item, designed as a book object, half magazine, half book. Roadie Magazine is distributed in Paris and provinces in the most involved in contemporary music concerts hall.


Dimensions : 18,00 x 24,00 cm
20 000 ex.

roadie 7bis copie
roadie 11bis copie
roadie 9bis copie
roadie16 copie
roadie 5bis copie
roadie 4bis copie
roadie15 copie
roadie 8bis copie
roadie13 copie
roadie18 copie
roadie 3bis copie
roadie17 copie
roadie14 copie
roadie 2bis copie