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Loris Gréaud contacted us to work on his [I] Project. We made visual identity, photography and a special limited edition for this project.
For four weeks from 19 June 2013, Loris Gréaud presents a singular and monumental work in the Forum of the Centre Pompidou. At the same time,
the artist exhibits another large-scale work under the pyramid of the Louvre.
[I] The Statement / Bibliophily Edition of 150 signed by the artist, part of Yvon Lambert collection « Une réverie émanée de mes loisirs ».

Loris Gréaud is a French conceptual artist who has already shown in nearly every major city worldwide. For four weeks from 19 June 2013, Loris Gréaud presented a singular and major work in the Forum of the Centre Pompidou, meanwhile the artist exhibited another large-scale work in Le Louvre pyramid. The original edition of 150 copies, among which 42 are not for sale, were numbered and signed by the artist.


Dimension : 25,6 x 33,9 cm – Text by Loris Gréaud.

greaud1 copie